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Cloud & Aerith

"Because if it's fate like we said, then we can meet again somewhere."

Cloud & Aerith ♥
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Where supporters of Cloud & Aerith can come together!
"The Promised Land... I think I can meet her... there." -- Cloud
"Until that time comes, I'll wander around here for a while. I'll spend my time in the Planet... in our Promised Land." -- Aerith

Love does not end with death. This is the one and only livejournal community where the fans and supporters of Final Fantasy VII's hero and tragic heroine, Cloud and Aerith, can come together to share thoughts and opinions, fan art, fiction, music -- and just about everything having to do with the famous couple! We're a close-knit community, but we're always happy to welcome new members!

Be sure to read icor's amazing Cloud/Aerith essay right here!

Community Rules:
01. Please don't join if you do not support Cloud and Aerith. Simple as that.
02. Only members can comment in the community.**
03. Please try to keep all posts Cloud/Aerith-related, at least in some way.
04. Keep in mind that some members may support other pairings aside from Cloud/Aerith. Debating is fine, but remember to respect each other's thoughts and opinions. We're all here for the same reason!
05. Please be sure to post a warning and use LJ-cut when posting spoilers or entries with adult content.
06. ...just have fun!

** We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but please be advised that due to incessant spamming, trolling and threatening in the past, this has become a heavily moderated community. We are here to discuss a pairing that we support. If you do not agree with our views, that's fine, but we do not tolerate flaming, spamming, trolling or harassment of any kind. Thank you!

Questions? Leave a comment on rainecloud's or unbalanced's journal.
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"Listen, even if I go far away, I'll come back." -- Cloud
"So I'll stay here, and I'll cheer for you." -- Aerith

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