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I made my keychains! ^__^

Well, the finished product is done, I really love them, although I worry about the durability...oh well, everything breaks eventually. Here's how they turned out! ^__^

KH avatar inspired Cloud&Aerith keychainsCollapse )

Sam's Cleris news (How do you feel?)

Hey everyone! ^__^ I was just wondering how everyone was feeling about Dissidia? To everyone who has tried it, how do you like the game, and most importantly, how do you feel about some of it's more Cleris-like lines and scenes..under cut! ^__^

Spoilers and random stuff I'm deciding to throw in here! XDCollapse )

CxA Icons :)


Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

[1 - 16] Final Fantasy VII
[17-25] Fire Emblem
[26-33] Metal Gear Solid; MGS3
[34-40] The Legend of Zelda (various)
[41-46] Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
[47-50] Elisabeth
[52-59] Various Stock

Follow the fake cut!


Jun. 22nd, 2008


+ 20 Da Capo II
+ 37 Vampire Knight
+ 14 Persona 3

+ 5 Final Fantasy VII (Cloud/Aeris centered)
+ 20 Code Geass
+ 8 Supernatural (mostly Dean/Jo)
+ 17 Misc (TWEWY; Narnia Cast; Chrno Crusade; Dn Angel; Clannad; Kimiga Nozomu Eien; Gaspard Ulliel)

FO Sign
+ 1 Clannad

+ 1 Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn! (Adult! Colonello/Adult! Lal Mirch)
+ 5 Final Fantasy
+ 1 D-Grayman (Rinali/Allen)


more here <3



Artist: itstrishamarie
Claim: Cloud/Aerith of Final Fantasy VII
Theme set: Alpha
Themes: candy; blue; 31 flavors
AC Themes: #73-83: heroes; amor; longing; goodnight; ♥; fftactics; shy; peace; pray; smooch; hey jude
# of icons in post: 14
# of icons completed total: 80/100
Date Started: August 20, 2006
Last Updated: May 17, 2008

wait; they don't love you like i love you

some c/a love!

First of all, I want to mega-glomp unbalanced (one of our awesome and totally kickass maintainers) for/about the, uh, community's default icon. Awww! ♥ ♥ I'm truly honored, hehe. Thank you so much. <3

Second... Happy 10th Anniversary FFVII! =)


Artist: itstrishamarie
Claim: Cloud Strife & Aerith Gainsborough of FFVII
Theme set: Alpha
Themes: misunderstanding; joy; hold my hand
AC Themes: #71, 72
# of icons in post: 5 <-- yes, big update!
# of icons completed total: 64/100
Date Started: aug20 [2006]
Last Updated: sept25 [2007]

Yeah. This time I went uber animation-crazy. =/ Sorry about that. ^^; I just discovered the wonders of ImageReady, so yeah... that could explain why. I'll get back to the simplistic ways soon, I promise! <3

come this way

"unforgettable" ♥

Hi again, my awesome Cleris buddies. x) I've come back to present you a gift! <3

I just finished making a CxA wallpaper a few minutes ago *whew*, and it's fresh right out of imageshack.us. ^^; I was always itching to make one with an idea I had in mind for awhile. However, that idea wandered into Narnia and became something totally different. Heh. ^.^ But I really enjoyed making it, it was something I never would have thought of/pondered about unless I messed around with Photoshop and stared at my folders of FFVII images, which I did. x) The images feature CC!Aerith and AC!Cloud. There's a meaning behind it, I guess (tehe)--let's see if you can catch it. ;)

Just click on the preview/thumbnail for the wallpaper:
(1024 x 768)

Gahh, I just love those two! ♥ I hope you enjoy; it's not the best, but oh well... Thank you for taking the time to look at this post, haha.