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Guys! Everyone should read this essay on why Cloti is NOT canon, written by Anastar of the cxa forums.
W H Y . C L O T I . I S . N O T . C A N O N

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Cleris proposal!

Recently at a Distant Worlds concert in Toronto, a ff7 fan named Seth Hay used Aerith's theme and the accompanying video featuring Cloud and Aerith to pop the big question to his girlfriend Cheryl Murray. Maybe there will be a Clerith cake at the ceremony! ^^

Link here! ^^


1 Wallpaper

► Barajou no Kiss [x10]
► Vampire Knight [x10]
► Barajou no kiss [x01]
► Final Fantasy 7 [x01]
► Final Fantasy 13-2 [x01]

HERE @ sweet_cruel

Valentine's Day FanFiction

» Couple: Cloud x Aerith
» Theme: fluff, romance, cute, sweet, in game, Valentine's Day
» Rating: PG
» Word count:
» ( N e v e r . R e a l l y . C a r e d . F o r . I t . )

I hope everyone enjoys it ^_^

Hello and Happy New Year 2012! This is my first time posting here and I would like to share my little Clerith fanfic. Feel free to check it out.

Genre: General
Rated: T
Words: 330
Spoiler: Disc 1
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII belongs to Square Enix

Aerith likes him?

Aerith video

Hey guys! Well, recently I posted a video of Mega Ran's "Aerith" music video. Since then, I made a cosplay video for him of the song using me and my husband in our Cloud and Aerith cosplays! I showed him the video and it has his full approval! ^^ I got a link for you guys here, I hope you like it! ^__^


50 prompted drabbles compilations part i

50 prompted drabbles compilations part i
pg-13 | au(?), angst, fluff, romance | drabble
extra-note: uhm, so yeah.. i'm new here? hello there! /waves shyly /)☉/////☉(\

→ 13/50 randomly-prompted one-sentenced drabbles [cloud/aerith]


► Uta no Prince-sama [x10]
► Bleach [x10]
► Final Fantasy 7 [x5]
► Barajou no Kiss [x5]

HERE @ sweet_cruel